• X.200 *

    An Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) standard.


  • X.208

    The ITU standard defining ASN.1.

  • X.209

    The ITU standard that defines BER encodings for ASN.1 objects.

  • X.400

    The ITU standard that defines message tokens.

  • X.500

    The ITU standard that defines the structure of a global dictionary.

  • X.509

    An internationally recognized standard for certificates that defines their required parts.


    Encoding type that specifies certificate encoding. Certificate encoding types are stored in the low-order word of a DWORD (value is: 0x00000001). This encoding type is functionally the same as CRYPT_ASN_ENCODING.

  • XOR

    Exclusive OR. A Boolean operation that yields true only if one of its operands are true and the other is false. If both operands are the same (either true or false), the operation yields false.